How to save money on repairing your car brakes and how to maintain them?

Question any car owner about their car brakes and what it takes to repair and maintain them; you will get a bunch of rants. Boy, do these people need to vent out or not…they surely need to! Auto repair costs a lot and we all know about that. When it comes to how can you save just some dollars by the end of the month, you can certainly do that if you are good at management BUT only if your car brakes don’t start messing up with your life.

Saving money on car brakes repair and maintenance is something that a lot of us do not have any clue about. But if you try doing a little research, you are certainly going to get a handful of information that is going to aid you in saving cash on repairing your brakes and also maintaining them so that you don’t have to invest endlessly in them.



So here are some simple ways through which you can start saving up on your car brakes repair.

  1. Find the best Mechanics and Stick with them:

The first thing that a good mechanic or garage owner wants is value customers. Customers who start relying on them and choose them over anyone of them, is what everyone cherishes. So when you start getting your car brake or any other part repaired, you need to make sure that you can trust them and you built up a loyal relationship with them. Gradually, you will be one of their valuable customers and the prices for you will be set affordable in comparison to the others.


  1. Get Estimates:

This is basically al about researching well. You need to roam around a bit and see what prices different mechanics are offering. It is always preferred that you pick a mechanic near your home so that you can go home and keep an eye on your car along. When you will stop by at 2-3 garages, you will see how different rates each of them offer you. This is where you need to compare and pick the shop that is offering the most affordable rates.


  1. Have a little Knowledge yourself:

Until and unless your brakes are in a real bad condition, you can check them on your own too. There is nothing wrong in that. You own the car and having a little information about its whereabouts is just okay. Thus, you need to make sure that you have some knowledge about how you can fix the brakes on your own too. You must be able to identify the issue at minimum so that you can argue with the mechanic too. Many times, the mechanics charge more than they should; assume that the owner doesn’t know about the problem. This is going to be a major perk for you if you understand your car and what it really needs.



Once you have saved your money and have gotten your brakes repaired, you need to make sure that you maintain them too so that you don’t have to invest in them over again. So how can you maintain them? Here are some simple tips that will help you in doing so.


  • The very first or most essential step towards maintaining your car brakes is to read through your car’s manual. It will have all the required details in it. Go through the brakes section and see what has to be done in order to keep them in shape and running well.
  • You must know when your brake pads need to be replaced. A lot of people do not pay much heed to it and that is where the issue arises and starts causing larger troubles. It will eventually demand more money too. If your manual says that you must go for brake pad replacement once a year or maybe once in 2 years or whatsoever, make sure that you do attend to it.
  • It is really important to educate yourself about all the parts of your brake. You should know what starts to cause a slight trouble too. The internet has advanced so much that you can easily look at tutorials to learn visually about your car brakes.
  • Also, don’t drive your car in extreme high speeds. The higher the speed, the faster your brakes start dying off and demanding for replacement. Always keep a mediocre speed so that your brakes don’t end faster.
  • Don’t put the brake on just because the person next to you is doing so. A lot of people just brake without any specific reason. This is termed as “coasting” and you will learn it gradually, if you are a new driver. But you need to assess whether your brake is needed or you can slow down and coast.
  • You need to change the brake fluid periodically. This is something that cannot be overlooked at all. If you speak the mechanical language then this is known as bleeding and flushing. Renewing your brake fluid will help you maintain them way more than you can imagine.



PHEW! So that is it!! Through these simple ways and educating yourself, you can easily save your money and also maintain your car brakes. It is all about having a little knowledge and you are good to go slow on your wallet and handle your brakes better than anyone else.